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Jacksonville Mechanic

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Next tie on a 1-to-2 foot length of 30-pound test fluorocarbon leader. Short leaders are preferred when the tide is slack or slow, longer leaders when it's running fast. Modern sheepshead seekers opt for only 30-pound test fluorocarbon leaders because ones heavier spook big, cagey sheepshead. Some anglers choose 50-pound test leaders, or even wire, but can scare off a lot of sheepshead - especially during times when fish are biting lightly and the action is tough. Many anglers use a standard, short-shank 1/0 or 2/0 “sheepshead” hook. Some fishermen prefer a 2/0, offset-shank, bronze-colored hook with a bit longer shank than a standard “sheepshead hook,” with a longer, finer point. It’s imperative a hook point is super sharp for quick hook sets. Most local sheepshead anglers prefer fiddler crabs for bait. With fiddlers some anglers break off the large pincer claw on male crabs, believing sheepshead can be reluctant to hit a crab with a big, menacing-looking claw. Some sheepshead anglers are meticulous in how to barb a fiddler crab bait. They hold a mini-crab between thumb and forefinger, so it’s facing the palm of the left hand. They then insert a hook point into the far side of a crab, at the base of the second (starting from the rear) leg joint.

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Jacksonville Mechanic

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